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Raise your Leadership level with these leadership books

Leadership and management skills are needed in organisations in order to accomplish their goals. Management is often described as the process that keeps organisations running, while leadership is the task of inspiring and motivating employees. Key dimensions in successful leaders include the ability to create a vision, thinking strategically, building influential internal and external networks, the courage to make tough decisions, and others.  

Learn more on how to be one by reading some of the best leadership books as recommended below.

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Are you a future-ready leader?  This book on the future of leadership shares exclusive insights from the world’s top CEOs on this topic.  After reading it, you will: 

  • Learn the greatest trends impacting the future of leadership and their implications
  • Understand the top skills and mindsets that leaders of the future will need to possess and how to learn them
  • Change your perception of who a leader is and what leadership means
  • Tackle the greatest challenges that leaders of the future will face
  • Become a future-ready leader

This is the book that you, your team, and your organization must to read in order to lead in the future of work.

Legendary Silicon Valley visionary and one of the world’s greatest business leaders, John Chambers shares the playbook and philosophy that transformed Cisco into a global tech titan and now inspire a new generation of leaders. With numerous start-ups moving from zero to a billion to bankruptcy in a matter of years, it’s clear that sustaining a business in the digital age is no walk in the park. Chambers shares the stories and strategies that helped his company win again and again through multiple market shifts. Posing a unique mode of thought proven to attain success, the message of this book is clear; it is not the biggest or the richest players who win, but the ones who are able to stay ahead of the trend by connecting the dots. Both enlightening and practical, this is essential reading to inspire a new generation of leaders.

Duty of Care: An Executive’s Guide for Corporate Boards in the Digital Era by author Alizabeth Calder offers a much needed guide for board directors and leaders who need to get up-to-speed and close their digital knowledge gap in order to make the right decisions about digital technology investment and deployments.
Written in easy-to-read language, this book targets directors and executives who want to protect themselves from risks ranging from massive cyber security breaches to digital infrastructure investment mistakes. This essential guide and blueprint can serve the strategic and governance needs of every company.  Comes with case studies and smart questions to support leaders on every topic.  Duty of Care is a comprehensive book that helps board members close their “digital knowledge gap” in order to better serve their corporations.

We are faced with challenges everyday. Instead of looking at problems author Dr. Rick Goodman book “The Solutions Oriented Leader” will be a great read for transforming your leadership approach. The book will lead you through the everyday challenges of the modern workplace while providing you with easy-to-implement solutions to achieve world-class results!

The Solutions Oriented Leader shows you how to:

  • Implement transformational leadership tools to help you achieve balance in business and your life
  • Utilize communication systems that increase employee engagement and workflow
  • Develop a positive attitude that motivates your team and increases retention
  • Handle conflict and manage workplace burnout

Coaching and mentoring has gain much attention in Asia-Pacific region over the recent years. “Coaching and Mentoring in the Asia Pacific” is the first book to put coaching and mentoring into an Asia Pacific context – exploring the challenges, benefits, approaches and practices. 

The authors has provided content that highlights how organizations in the Asia Pacific Region can make effective use coaching and mentoring in cost-effective, culturally relevant ways. Overall a useful book for leaders, coaches and any practitioners planning to work on coaching and mentoring in the Asia Pacific.

Every leader can and must develop this most important of all management skills – how to handle people issues. 
The Power of People Skills by Trevor Throness will teach you that there’s one primary difference between a great culture and a poor one: a great culture insists on having star players in every key seat, and a poor culture tolerates under performers. In this powerful book, you will learn how to:

  • Make the people decisions that can double your results, relieve your stress, and cause team morale to soar.
  • Attract and retain the very best talent.
  • Deal with difficult people problems in an objective and kind way.
  • Overcome the reluctance we all share to confront under performers.

Author Michael C Bush and the Great Place to Work Research Team has distilled the what makes “A Great Place to Work for All”.
Today’s business climate is defined by speed, social technologies, and people’s expectations of “values” besides value. As a result, leaders have to create an outstanding culture for all, no matter who they are or what they do for the organization. Through inspiring stories and compelling research, the authors demonstrate that great places to work for all benefit the individuals working there and contribute to a better global society. Read about their six elements of a ‘Great Place to Work For All’ model – leadership effectiveness, values, trust, maximising human potential, innovation and growth.


We will be featuring more top leadership books here which could help you on your leadership journey.

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