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Digital Technology offers great potential to develop new processes, products, and services, and ways of connecting with others.
Digital transformation is the use of digital technologies to boost efficiency, improve and accelerate processes, create new business opportunities, and address customer needs.
A digital strategy is a company’s plan for applying digital technologies to apply digital technologies to enhance and transform existing business activities. 

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This fascinating by Thomas H Davenport and Nitin Mittal look at top notch companies using artificial intelligence to create new competitive advantage.

These world-class companies which includes AIRBUS, CAPITAL ONE, PING AN, ANTHEM, PFIZER, WALMART are going all-in on AI technology to radically transforming their products, processes, strategies, customer relationships, and cultures. The results include better business models, make better decisions, have better relationships with their customers, offer better products and services, and command higher prices.

Filled with insights, industry cases, and best practices, this useful and insightful book provides leaders and their teams to take AI to the next level for this companies.

Digital Finance: Security Tokens and Unlocking the Real Potential of Blockchain explains how the integration of blockchain and security token technology will transform the current financial infrastructure and radically improve efficiency, transparency, and security. Author Baxter Hines with his decades’ experience in the financial industry  address how the digitization of assets will drive cost reductions, enhance flexibility, and pave the way for new business models and revenue streams for the coming years.

This well written book is filled with real-world case studies and expert insights, making it useful for financial professionals, general investors, finance and technology students, regulators, legal professionals, and users of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. 

Author Volker Lang has written an insightful book to raise your digital fluency with five chapters:
– Digitalization and Digital Transformation
– Quantum Computing
– Blockchain Technology
– Artificial Intelligence
– Your Digital Action Plan

Key concepts and applications in numerous practical examples are well illustrated throughout the book. Each chapter at the end has a helpful implementation checklist of central lessons before proceeding to the next. This book is easy to read and gets to the heart of digital frameworks, buzzwords, and concepts, and tells you what they truly mean.

Overall, Digital Fluency is a useful and concise book that will definitely raise your understanding of these cutting-edge technologies to become digitally fluent.

In Fast Times, McKinsey leaders Peter Dahlstrom and others, provide a readable inside look into what digital winners do best: set direction, learn, and adapt faster than anyone else. Fast Times addresses question and issues like:
– Do you really know how your company is performing?
– How do you make it safe for people to experiment so you can build a proactive culture?
– How do you balance fast execution with deliberate decision-making?
– Are your training programs up to the challenge of reskilling the talent you need tomorrow?
– Do your IT people have the skills needed to build the tech that’s needed and incorporate cybersecurity? Find out more in this useful book from the experts at McKinsey & Company on what matters most in order to become a digital winner. 

Beyond Cybersecurity arm your company against devastating cyber attacks. This critical text based on research, client experiences, and interviews with over 200 executives offering you a well-rounded, thoroughly researched resource. Key topics:

  • Understand the critical issue of cyber-attacks, and how they are both a social and a business issue that could slow the pace of innovation while wreaking financial havoc
  • Consider how step-change capability improvements can create more resilient organizations
  • Discuss how increased collaboration within the cybersecurity industry could improve alignment on a broad range of policy issues
  • Explore how the active engagement of top-level business and public leaders can achieve progress toward cyber-resiliency

Beyond Cybersecurity: Protecting Your Digital Business is an important resource for business leaders who want to protect their organizations against cyber-attacks.

Reinventing the Product by authors Eric Schaeffer and David Sovie looks at the ways traditional products are transforming into smart connected products and ecosystem platforms at a rate much faster than most organizations think. They show how this reinvention is made possible with AI and digital technologies, such as IoT sensors, blockchain, advanced analytics, cloud and edge computing. 
Featuring case studies from global organizations such as Signify, Symmons and Haier and interviews with thought leaders and business executives from top companies including Amazon, ABB, Tesla, Samsung and Google, this book provides practical advice for companies as they embark on, or accelerate, their digitization journey.


We will be featuring more top and best Digital Transformation books here which could help you on your transformation journey.