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David and Leslie Shippy went from a middle-class life to financial freedom in three short years. They were able to replace both of their multiple six-figure incomes with a portfolio of apartments worth over $300 million. Money Matters for Financial Freedom includes the below and many other useful principles:

  • Provide examples that shift you to a millionaire mindset
  • Teach powerful techniques for creating multiple streams of income.
  • Show you how to develop daily habits that support financial success.

Read this useful book to learn about having the right mindset, goals and actions to achieve financial freedom.

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki is one of the top and best Personal Finance book. It tells the story of him and his two dads–his real father and the father of his best friend, his rich dad–and the ways in which both men shaped his thoughts about money and investing. The book explodes the myth that you need to earn a high income to be rich and explains the difference between working for money and having your money work for you.

This small book provides a blueprint for achieving wealth, loaded with the most salient prosperity wisdom of the last hundred years. 
Each of the chapters focuses on one of the twelve principles Those principles are:

  1. Goals
  2. Dreams
  3. Perseverance
  4. Growth
  5. Self-Confidence
  6. Imagination
  7. Self-Talk
  8. Master Minds
  9. Play
  10. Decisions
  11. Taking Action
  12. Giving Back


We will be featuring top and best personal finance books here which could help you on your wealth journey.

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