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Best Communication and Presentation Books

Communication and Presentation Skills

Good communication skills are vital for anyone in an organisation in ensuring they are able to get their points across clearly and concisely. Leaders and managers need to be proficient at handling all forms of communication which includes verbal, non-verbal, and written communications.
It is important to note that the ability to communicate and present well is often rated as the most important factor in making an executive promotable.  
Read some of the best communication skills and presentation skills books mentioned below for more effective communication and memorable presentations.

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Communicating with Mastery by author JD Schramm provides readers with a rich treasure trove of frameworks and tools for leadership communication as developed and taught over the past decade at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business. It provides you quick access to helpful approaches to vexing communication problems face today in speaking and writing to various audiences.

With the help of this useful leadership communication book, you’ll learn how to ensure you get the results you desire as a leader and communicator including:

  • Speak with conviction and write with impact
  • Tailor your communication to any goal, setting, or audience
  • Scale your leadership through effective coaching

Strong communication is critical to your success. Every time you write or speak, you need to make your words count and this book shows you how.

In Five Stars, Carmine Gallo, bestselling author of Talk Like TED, breaks down how to apply Aristotle’s formula of persuasion to inspire contemporary audiences. Communication is no longer a “soft” skill-it is the human edge that will make you unstoppable, irresistible, and irreplaceable-earning you that perfect rating, that fifth star. In Five Stars, you will learn: -The one skill billionaire Warren Buffett says will raise your value by 50 percent. -Why your job might fall into a category where 75 percent or more of your income relies on your ability to sell your idea. -How Airbnb’s founders follow a classic 3-part formula shared by successful Hollywood movies. -Why you should speak in third-grade language to persuade adult listeners. -The one brain hack Steve Jobs, Leonardo da Vinci, and Picasso used to unlock their best ideas. Five Stars is a book to help you bridge the gap between mediocrity and exceptionality, and gain your competitive edge in the age of automation.

Are you looking to polish your communication and persuasive presentation skills? No matter where you are on the spectrum, this guide will give you the confidence and the tools you need to get results.

Written by presentation expert Nancy Duarte, the HBR Guide to Persuasive Presentations will help you: 

  • Win over tough crowds
  • Organize a coherent narrative
  • Create powerful messages and visuals
  • Connect with and engage your audience
  • Show people why your ideas matter to them
  • Strike the right tone, in any situation


We will be featuring more top and best communication and presentation skills books here for your communication success.

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